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Sard Colour Run Remover for Whites

Restore white items stained by colour run accidents 

Sard Colour Run Remover for whites removes colour runs to restore the brilliance of whites, so now you can reclaim your pristine whites & wave goodbye to colour run stains for good!


  • Set to hottest wash cycle fabric care label allows & lowest water level to cover fabric. Best results at 60°C. Start cycle
  • Add content of sachet when machine is full. After 1 minute add damp fabric
  • After a few minutes stop machine, leave 1 hour to soak, agitating occasionally. Allow cycle to finish
  • Add usual washing detergent. Wash & dry as usual


  • Fill plastic container or sink with the hottest water fabric care label allows. Add content of sachet & stir thoroughly
  • Add items making sure they are completely submerged
  • Leave to soak for at least 1 hour, stirring regularly
  • Rinse thoroughly. Wash and dry as usual

One sachet is sufficient to treat up to 500g of fabric (e.g. 2 shirts) & is suitable for all washable white fabrics including wool & silk. For use on 100% white items only. Attention, do not use in front loading washing machines.


Refer to for full information.

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