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Sard Colour Run Remover for Colours

Restore items stained by colour run accidents 

Sard Wonder Colour Run Remover turns back the clock on most colour run disasters, restoring fabrics to their former glory.

Its pH balanced Coloursafe formula means colours, whites and delicates like wool and silk can be treated together safely with beautifully fresh results.

Make colour runs a thing of the past with Sard Wonder Colour Run Remover and reclaim your vibrant colours!


  • Add both sachets contents directly to the drum, then add laundry
  • Do not add sachet contents to the soap dispenser drawer
  • Do not add detergent
  • For best results run a 60°C cotton cycle


  • Fill container or sink with hottest water temperature allowed by the fabric care label
  • Add contents of one sachet and stir thoroughly
  • Add items making sure they are completely submerged
  • Leave to soak for at least an hour, stirring thoroughly
  • Rinse thoroughly, wash and dry

Read and follow garment washing instructions.


Refer to for full information.

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