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Sard Power Stick

Stain Remover Stick - Use for up to 7 days before wash day 

Sard Power Stick uses targeted stain removal technology to help prevent the stains from becoming permanently set. It is formulated to provide stain treating action against all major stain types:

✓ Grass & mud   ✓ Food & drink   ✓ Body & blood   ✓ Makeup & ink

Treat now, wash later – up to 1 week before washing!

Before use patch test on an inside seam. Use Sard Wonder Stick to treat stains any time up to 7 days before washing. Apply Sard Wonder Stick as soon as possible to help prevent stains from setting. Completely cover the stain with Sard Wonder Stick. When laundering, use the recommended amount of your regular detergent.

Do not use on silk, denim, linen, woll or other fabrics which may use non-colourfast dyes. For best results: pretreat fabric while the stain is still fresh. After pretreating, rub fabric together in treated area before laundering. Extra Tough stains may require a second treatment.

Refer to for full information.

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