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Sard Wonder Soap

Stain Remover Soap - Effective on all major stain types* *Protein, Coloured and Greasy stains 

Sard Wonder Soap helps in the removal of most household stains, including:
✓ Ballpoint ink   ✓ Blood   ✓ Grass   ✓ Grease   ✓ Food   ✓ Sauces   ✓ Animal Stains

  • Use on hands, clothing, carpet, and fabrics.
  • It is ideal for handwashing woollens and can be used to wash dishes, pots and pans.
  • Sard Wonder Soap is very good in hard water. It does not contain abrasives and is biodegradable.


  • Wet the stains with cold water
  • Apply Sard Wonder Soap directly on stains
  • Rub gently to remove stains
  • Wipe or rinse off


For best results use Sard Wonder Soap for spot cleaning before normal washing. Soak stubborn stains overnight.


  • Hot water, ironing and direct sunlight helps set stains permanently
  • Test small portion of stained material to ensure colour fastness


Moisten stained area. Apply Sard Wonder Soap directly to stains. Rub with moist sponge or towel until stains disappear. Wipe off excess suds and leave to dry.


  • Old stains will require more than one application
  • Test small area of carpet to ensure colour fastness


Excellent for removing grease, oil, ink, ball pen marks and other dirt from hands. Wet hands with cold water and rub with Sard Wonder Soap. For heavy grease, use a soft brush.


Although Sard Wonder Soap is non-toxic no claim is made that it will not affect people with skin complaints or allergies.


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