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SARD® wonder

Part of Australia’s history

SARD® WONDER had humble beginnings in an Australian backyard. Its inventor, a resourceful Aussie bloke, wanted a detergent soap that could tackle any stain that his four children could throw at him. In fact, he even named the Wonder Soap after his children by using the first letter of each of their names:

Sandra Andrew Robyn Diane

After lots of tinkering, testing and trial and error, SARD® WONDER with its “Original Wonder Formula” was born. Back then, washing machines weren’t as advanced, and there were less synthetic textiles, so SARD® WONDER had to work particularly hard. It grew and grew in fame, turning up in many Aussie laundries – working its magic with all manner of grime.

The people at Colgate-Palmolive watched SARD® WONDER grow in popularity and asked the SARD® WONDER family if they would consider selling the brand and, of course, the Original Wonder Formula. Happily, they did. So by 1989 Sard had a new family.

There have been some improvements in some of the ingredients since that time, but on the whole, SARD® WONDER is still working the same wonder on Aussie clothes today. Just look at the pack over the years – we’ve tried to be true to its inventor’s original idea and stick to the “heart” of SARD® WONDER, just as he intended it all those years ago.

Why SARD® Wonder?

Helps keep clothes sparklingly clean

While clothes and washing machines have changed over the past few decades, dirt remains pretty much the same. So do kids. Mud, chocolate or greasy hands are no match for SARD® WONDER. Even age can dull and yellow a comfy white T. It’d be a shame to have your favourites spoiled by a messy meal or simply the passage of time.

Helping to keep them looking sparklingly clean and new is, quite frankly, what SARD® WONDER was born to do.

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