SARD Wonder

Sard Colour Catcher

Our Best Ever Protection against colour run accidents!

Sard Colour Catcher sheets protects your laundry and saves you time and money by allowing mixed washes, without risking colour runs. Thanks to its patented technology the sheet acts like a magnet and traps loose dye and dirt from the water - assuring maximum protection against colour runs. The proof is on the sheet!

Using Colour Catcher helps to:

  • Prevent colour run accidents

  • Allow mixed washes

  • Protect colour brightness

  • Prevent greying

  • Prevent dirt residuals to redeposit

  • Colour Catcher is effective at all temperatures

How to apply

  • Place the sheet(s) at the back of the machine drum before loading the washing.

  • Add your detergent and select the appropriate washing cycle according to the garment manufacturer's instructions.

  • At the end of the wash remove and dispose of the sheet(s) and dry the clothing as soon as possible.